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Economic Development

As a small business owner for almost a half-century, Delegate Austin understands the importance of job creation and the detrimental effects of industry overregulation. During his time in the General Assembly, he has worked tirelessly to bring economic opportunity to the 19th District. He will continue to fight for commonsense legislation so that Virginia remains the #1 state for business.


Delegate Austin works daily to improve transportation in Virginia. From our interstate system, to our railroads and airports, everyone benefits from a safe and efficient transportation system. Ensuring that funds are allocated in a thoughtful and considered manner pays dividends by attracting business and increasing quality of life.

Constitutional Rights

The Constitution of the United States and Virginia form the foundation of our country and Commonwealth, and they must be protected accordingly. Delegate Austin is a strong believer and supporter of the Second Amendment and will continue to vote in favor of protecting your right to protect yourself and your family.

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